Meet The Team

 Dr. David Reichwage and Team are part of the faculty of dental education program at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne campus

As a faculty member of the Indiana University-Purdue University dental education program, I can relate to you how we stress skills and education for our students. Students acquire knowledge through in school training classes as well as out in our community dental offices. We have had the fortunate opportunity to have Dr. Reichwage and his team as participants in the program.

It was apparent to the faculty and staff of the dental assisting department that Dr. Reichwage’s office was special due to their utilization of dental assistants. The technology that our students are exposed to by this team is matched by few others in this area. The students are shown many new techniques in dentistry as well as beautiful cosmetic cases that the team provides to their patients.

Students have always evaluated Dr. Reichwage and his team with high marks. They have always been able to provide the students with an educational experience that makes them want to become well trained dental professionals.

Wilhemina Leeuw, CDA, MS

Clinical Supervisor



About Dr. Reichwage

Dr. Reichwage is a graduate of Indiana University of Dentistry and opened his family dental practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1987.
Dr. Reichwage’s son, Brett and his wife Jennifer live in Florida where he is a highly trained Neurosurgeon at Andrews Institute in Pensacola. Dr. is also the proud grandfather of two beautiful granddaughters, Ella and Audrey.
During the past ten years, he has completed post-graduate courses in laser dentistry, and advanced cosmetic, periodontal and restorative dentistry. This includes program certification at:

  • Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
    • Advanced Anterior Esthetics with Dr. William Dickerson
    • Advanced Posterior Esthetics with Dr. Ron Jackson
    • Core I with Dr. William Dickerson
    • Achieving Extreme Success with Dr. Matt Bynum and Dr. Art Mawory
    • Pacific Esthetic Continuum
    • Functional Advanced Anterior Esthetics with Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Myotronics
    • The Power of Neuromuscular Dentistry
  • JP Consultants Institute
    • Phase I Evolutionary Hygiene
    • Phase II, Advanced Evolutionary Hygiene

Professional memberships include the Academy of Operative Dentistry, Academy of Laser Dentistry, American Dental Association, Indiana Dental Association and Isaac Knapp District Dental Society. He has served organized dentistry on both state and local levels and is past president of the Isaac Knapp District.

Cassie M. Jackson, LDH

Cassie M. Jackson, LDH has worked and trained with David P. Reichwage, D.D.S. since 2004. She holds a degree in Dental Hygiene from Indiana University. She also holds certifications and a mastership in periodontics with JP Consultants Institutes, Comprehensive Care Consulting, Myotronics: “The Power of Neuromuscular Dentistry”, Pacific Aesthetic Continuum and Las
Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. She also holds a certification from the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Cassie is married to Billy and they have 2 children, Monroe and Maxwell.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, working out, walking their dogs, and shopping!

Kristen M. Nuthals, CDA, EFDA

Kristen M. Nuthals, CDA, EFDA has worked and trained with David P. Reichwage, D.D.S. since 2005. She holds certifications from Indiana University, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Myotronics: “The Power of Neuromuscular Dentistry”,  and JP Consultants Institute and Comprehensive Care Consulting. Kristen Nuthals is a member of the American Dental Assistants Association. She is a member of the Isaac Knapp Dental Assistants Society and serves as Past President. Kristen has also served on the Dental Advisory Board for Indiana University- Purdue University Fort Wayne. Kristen is married to Joe and they have two daughters, Paige and Cora. Kristen enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Miranda C. Mertz, MA

Miranda Mertz, MA has worked and trained with Dr. David P. Reichwage, DDS since 2010. She holds certifications in medical assisting from Brown Mackie, and Myotronics, INC; “The Power of Neuromuscular Dentistry”. Miranda is married to Alan. They have four mixed breed dogs, and Miranda volunteers her time to animal rescue organizations in her community.

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