Metal-Free “Bonded” Restorations

Why We Place Metal-Free “Bonded” Restorations

1. These restorations have a VIBRANT APPEARANCE with enamel-like translucency

2. These restorations PRESERVE YOUR TOOTH STRUCTURE and allow us to protect and preserve your teeth.

3. These restorations are more CONSERVATIVE in size and shape.

4. Unlike older restorations, bonded restorations RESTORE your tooth to 80-90% of its original strength.

5. These restorations are ADHESIVE. They bond INTO the tooth structure and seal it vs. older restorations which are only cemented ONTO the tooth.

6. These are the ONLY restorations in dentistry which fulfill ALL of the requirements and criteria of a restoration:

  • function

  • aesthetics (appearance)

  • minimal invasion into the natural tooth

  • bio compatible

  • strength-reinforcement

7. These restorations have:

  • excellent and high polish

  • low degree of brittleness

  • outstanding toughness

  • enamel-like hardness

8. These restorations are STATE-OF-THE-ART DENTISTRY

9. They have a HIGH COMPATIBILITY with your tissue and do not cause a negative tissue response as can happen with older restorations.


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