Sedation Dentistry

Millions of Americans avoid the dentist due to fear. They are in desperate need of a method to have long overdue dentistry performed. With the availability of safe and effective protocols our guests can receive the care they need and deserve.

Who are candidates for sedation dentistry?

  • People who experience a high fear of dental treatments
  • People who have had prior traumatic dental experiences
  • People who have a fear of dental instrumentation
  • People who have complex problems and limited time to complete their needed treatment
  • People who are embarrassed about their
    teeth but are afraid to improve their appearance or their dental health due to
    fear and anxiety.

What is sedation dentistry protocol?

Prior to our guest’s appointment they take a pill at bedtime the night before the appointment and then 1 pill again 1 hour prior to the appointment. A companion then drives them to our office. By the time they arrive they are beginning to feel relaxed and are escorted to the treatment room. We use blankets, pillows, and headphones for their added comfort. When our guest reaches a comfortable level of relaxation we begin the treatment plan. Our guest remains conscious¬†during the entire procedure.¬†We also monitor the guest’s vital signs from start to finish. At the completion of treatment their companion drives them home to continue their sleep.

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