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Dr. David Reichwage and Team at

Fort Wayne Smiles Offering Denture Fountain of Youth™ To Fort Wayne and Area Patients

Fort Wayne- Dr. David Reichwage and the Team at Fort Wayne Smiles recently added a new denture technique to their cosmetic and laser dentistry practice. This innovative procedure creates beautiful and natural looking dentures with increased stability and comfort to denture wearers through a sophisticated process that pays careful attention to each patient’s unique physiology of chewing and facial characteristics.
Traditional dentures often cause that dreaded “denture look”. This includes characteristics such as: the lips appear thin and roll inward, sunken face and wrinkles, teeth that are hidden and front teeth that are too short and back teeth that are too long, a shortened face, a weak chin. Dr. David Reichwage’s  Denture Fountain of Youth™ technique offers new dentures that are created with an adept eye for aesthetics and rejuvenating patient appearances. Dr. David Reichwage and the Fort Wayne Smiles team received training from Dr. Rod Strickland, the author of the new technique, giving them insight into the causes of denture pain, and the collapsed appearance of many denture wearers faces.
The Team at Fort Wayne Smiles is able to help patients who have been wearing dentures for years or who are looking for their first denture.
For more information about Dr. David Reichwage , the Team, their  services, and Denture Fountain of Youth™, visit their website at or call 260-426-1086 or e-mail
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“You gave me my smiles back. You will never know how much that means to me.”

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