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What does 5 star service really mean?

When you come to our office, we consider you our guest. Guests are always treated with unparalleled comfort and care. Guests are always greeted by name. Lite beverages are provided complimentary in our reception area. During your treatment we can provide warm blankets, pillows and soothing music to help you relax. Guests deserve and receive our undivided attention, most up to date and current treatment modalities and our sincere and warmest hospitality.

 Praise for the Fort Wayne Smiles Team

From Dental Professionals

“I have observed many new techniques in dentistry and seen some of the beautiful cosmetic work that this team provides to their patients.

“By being a patient in this office, you also become part of that team that is striving for excellent oral care.”
—Letter of Recommendation from Wilhelmina Leuuw, Clinical Supervisor, Dental Education Program, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. 
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Hear what our patients are saying about Dr. Reichwage and the Team at Fort Wayne Smiles.


Praise for the Fort Wayne Smiles Team

From Our Patients


“This was my young son’s first and pivotal (dental) experience. I wanted to bring him here because I knew he’d be well treated. It’s a night-and-day difference here from any other dentist I’ve ever seen.’

“I’ve never gotten emotional over a dentist before. but Dr. Reichwage has been so great for us. We both look forward to coming, and that’s a first for me.”


“I was referred to Dr. Reichwage by my previous dentist (since) I had had two heart attacks. When I walked into his office…I was in awe of the technology. …I had many questions to ask because I did not realize so much was occurring in the field of dentistry. I was excited because I want to stay updated and educated in the area of health.

“The quality of care was beyond my expectations. I have never experienced such detailed information prior to any dental work whether it be simple or complex.

“The most important aspect for me to continue being a patient in this office is the continuing education of the entire staff. It is ongoing! The latest information I received was the correlation between the bacteria in the mouth and the impact that bacteria has on the heart. I am impressed every time I walk out of his office because I know I have experienced something new. Dr. Reichwage makes a difference.”

—J. B., Fort Wayne, IN


“I was born missing three of my teeth. After my implants were finished by my family dentist, I wasn’t happy because you could see the metal behind the tooth. They were ceramic over metal, which is how most common implants are; that’s why you can see a lot of gray…on them. Because the teeth looked gray, it actually made my face look more gray. And they weren’t the proper size for my face. They were too big. They were also apparently seated wrong.

“My oral surgeon recommended Dr. Reichwage so highly and told us that he’s state-of-the-art. He stays on top of training for himself and his entire staff. They go out west and bring the new procedures that are developed out there back to Indiana.

“So I had to start over. Now my implants are ceramic over ceramic. When I tell people that I have implants, they don’t believe it because there’s no grayness, including around my gums. I’ve met kids my age who have implants, and when I say something, they get really self-conscious, like, ‘How can you tell?’ And I tell them I have implants, and they say ‘Where?’ They can’t tell and they ask me how I got them to look so natural?’

I tell them Dr. Reichwage is amazing. He’s really nice. If you look at my teeth compared to someone else’s, I mean, I’m not bragging, but there’s a big difference. I cheese it in pictures now! I have a huge smile in all of my pictures.”

—C.L. Fort Wayne, IN

“Amazed at What I’m Seeing Here”

“With all the technological changes in our world, it doesn’t seem like dentistry has changed, but I’m amazed at what I’m seeing here, at what you’re able to do. This is truly wonderful that you’re able to offer these advances to people.”

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